Nana Bonnie has been busy so no one is really asked where we’ve been. In case you’re wondering… We’re here. Homeless isn’t so bad. Kids are swimming in a kiddie pool and the pond. No worries I had the dogs and Tye jump in first to scare off any snakes or turtles. We’re soaking up the boonies while we can.

Yes, all four were in the pond. No, I most certainly was not. The pond house is coming along. We’re quite busy and yes I hate blogging from my phone.

Also, friends please note. My kids refuse to leave the outdoors. It tends to be as hot as Hades here. Instead of watching my phone wither and melt, I leave it inside. By the time I go in, I’m putting four kids in bed. By the time they are I’m bed I can’t keep my eyes open. I realize I’m starting to sound a little like if the If You Give A Mouse A Cookie book. The point is you have my sincere apology if I haven’t returned a phone call. I might try in Hawaii but with the time change I’m making no promises.