The whole fan damily decided to hit up a public pool today. Well, not all of us…only 8 of the 10 grandchildren were present. There were still enough of us that the ticket office was a bit confused about which group we were with. It took a moment to explain that we are actually not a daycare, just family.

Grandma summed it up best when she said, “I remember why I don’t go to the public pool…the PUBLIC is there!” oh my word. I saw a tattoo on a young lady (a term I use very loosely) that was a completely nude lady. You see alot when you go to the pool. I was not anticipating full frontal nudity!

Another thing I notices was the lack of coverage. I took great pains to make sure that I was as covered as I could possibly be and still attend to four kids at a pool. I’m not small. It’s a constant struggle. Imagine my surprise when I saw people my size and sometimes, dare I say, even larger in bikinis. At one point, I might have been a bit jealous thinking that one lady in particular was actually pulling it off. She was large but her skin wasn’t near as dimpled, stretched or as pasty as mine. The other larger than life lady sort of reminded me of a tan Michelin Man. I started wondering if the rolls caused tan lines. And what exactly does that look like?

In other news, I hate being here because it makes me miss living here. The pool was clean and the staff was friendly in spite of the crowds. The kids played so well with their cousins for hours. Jack was jumping in and out of the water. Bria is teaching herself to swim. Arleigh is trying things off a diving board that I never thought I’d see her try. Hanan was a regular mermaid with goggles attached. It’s going to be hard to leave Sunday.