It’s somewhat official… Sort of… In a Hawaiian sort of way. We will have a 5 bedroom house on July 17.

Arleigh and Hanan are fighting hard to get their own room. First time in 10 years. Hanan doesn’t like to sleep by herself. I’m tired already.

The new house is not the one I would have asked for. It’s not even the one I would have picked. I would have picked a four bedroom on the water. I was told there is less chance of break ins on the street where we’ll be. The lanai is much smaller than I wanted but it will do in a pinch. The pool, gym and a playground are directly across the street. The yard is tiny but we are close to three big areas that Tucker can use for his daily constitutional. There is no front porch. While this makes me a little sad, I’m just going to have make do. It will work.

We got our first taste of Hawaiian life yesterday. It’s slow relaxed. I love it, especially with friends so close. I think I might have broken down more than once if they weren’t here not because anything is bad, it’s just different.

Thanks to Madison and Chantelle, we’ve experienced banyan tree swings and sleeping grass. The kids played in the pool with Madi and Chan while we went to the housing appointment.

We’ve ventured out to the NEX and commissary where I found…wait for it… Diet Sundrop! I was so excited I almost peed a little.

We’ll work on pictures soon. My phone hasn’t been very cooperative. Right now I have 4 little fish begging to go for a swim.