Our current residence is a bit tight for 6 people. There is on room with two queen sized beds, a galley kitchen with a two burner stove that really only has room for one pot at a time and a microwave, Then there’s the living room with a sleeper love seat… definitely not a sofa, a small desk and a kitchen table crammed into a space smaller than my master bath in Memphis. It’s a little tight with all six of us here. Did I mention that already?

Let’s add one closet and one dresser between us to the equation. Now factor in laundry for six people who spend a good portion of time at a beach or a pool. This all equals one ginormous mess!

This morning I set out with four littlest sailors in tow to get some laundry done. It can be difficult as there are only four washers and four dryers and numerous families lodging along side us. Today we hit pay dirt! Three loads done in less than an hour and a half. We even managed a little park time in the middle of it. Score!

Bria scored big too. Entertainment is hard to come by around here if we haven’t hit the pool and park. Apparently my little pop up laundry hamper makes an excellent crib for giant babies when you’re playing house.

You gotta do what you gotta do when you’re livin’ at the lodge. Twenty one days until we move in over at Honu Loop. I’m not counting or anything.