I’m typing from the phone one more time. Nana Bonnie is giving me a hard time over my lack of posts. It’s hard to blog without Big Mac here. I thought I’d feel you in on some of our happenings.

At the change of command Arleigh took one for the team escorting both Bria and Jack to the bathroom. Upon returning with Jack she was clearly aggravated. I made the mistake of asking if everything was okay. She sort of hissed at me, “Mom! I had to wipe him!” a little too loud. I turned around looked at my friends and said, “Bet you never thought you’d hear that at a change of command.” Did I already tell this story? Just call me Uncle Hailey.

Jack’s favorite new song to sing ALL THE TIME is 5-1-5-O. Yep. Somebody call the Po Po!

I never realized how many Japanese people would be in Hawaii. When we are out on Ford Island we are a bit isolated from tourists. It was cute when we went to church and a man sitting behind me kept muttering about Bria’s hair. Today we were in Waikiki. Locals stare at us with Jack. Japanese tourist stare at Bria’s hair. She was getting a little too much attention in an elevator today. Then they noticed Hanan. “Oh that hair. Such a beautiful girl and her eyes.” Don’t get me wrong, my kids are all gorgeous! I’m not sure how I feel about strangers petting them.

We hear alot about the aloha spirit. You won’t find it if you rent a minivan from Avis and bring it back sandy. Hello! This is Hawaii! Yes if we had done the right thing it would have been vacuumed out but there was no aloha spirit in any of us over the course of the next hour. There’s that and I’m thankful Ray didn’t need stitches. That is all for now. This needs an entire post and not from my phone.

I think Facebook may have eaten my blog.

Tomorrow I will have two children in double digits!

Teddy’s Bigger Burger is my new comfort food. We are all missing Chick-fil-a more than we ever knew we would. Nuggets and sweet tea… Oh let me count the ways.

I drove through Honolulu my myself except for the four kids. We found parking all be it too far away. Got to the ninth floor with literally seconds to spare. Picked up insurance cards. Started to drive the cards to Ray when we found out he didn’t need them. It’s okay. I got a trip to a really cool mall out of it.

I am exhausted. This is all for now…