Holy cow! It’s been a long long time since I’ve seen this page. I feel like I just accomplished something straight out of Mission Impossible. It only took about fifteen minutes for this slow (insert favorite naughty word) internet. I am officially blogging from a laptop instead of a phone. I would like to say this gives me a little more control… any maybe I won’t make so many grammatical errors, but who am I kidding? Choas is my middle name.

So… life in Hawaii… Let’s keep it real. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Yesterday, my foul sailor’s mouth almost called another Lodge patron the really naughty word for chicken poop in front of one of my sweet and maybe not so innocent because she belongs to me child. There are four washers in my building and four dryers. There are only three dryers working…ever. I started laundry yesterday trying my best to stay in line. I walked down to the laundry room. All three dryers were running and some lady was dumping my wet clothes on a counter. Now, had there been available dryers I totally would have understood but I had been waiting patiently. Umm. Not cool but whatever. Then she asked if the last load done in a washer was mine. I smiled, “Yes, it is. As you can see there is not a dryer for me to put it in.”  I waited, snagged two dryers for my three loads and then went back upstairs because the other gal restarted a dryer. I had Arleigh go back downstairs with me and the next load. We bumped into the lovely lady and her husband. Do you know every time I made my way down to the laundry room for the rest of the day, she had her husband follow me. I let him have a dryer but made it clear I wouldn’t give up the other two and was then forced to stand guard. Did I mention how much I love Lodge Living? Aloha!

The van was nice too. We had already had a long day of shopping and picking up papers. Ray and I left Arleigh in charge for the first time with strict instructions. We went to turn in our super expensive rental. They wouldn’t take it because of the sand. We had to go to a far away gas station…by a strip club… I became acquainted with several homeless people while Ray vacuumed out the (feel free to insert naughty words here too I’m sure Ray did) van. He was having a “moment” when one of the top latches opened sending the corner edge of a storage compartment directing into his upcoming shoulder. It took a moment to decide if we needed to hit the ER before we turned in the van. Luckily it was mostly flesh and not too deep. Aloha!

The close quarters are closing in on the kids a bit. Another mom was just talking to me about the value of her kids sharing rooms and how she believes it will keep them from being entitled. She mentioned how they would be prepared for roommates in college. She talked about the value of teaching them to get along… and on and on. Right now mine are not getting along because of all the togetherness a one bedroom hotel room means. Aloha!

Nana Bonnie just called. Our Christmas plans are changing. Airline tickets were just too much. It’s hard to argue with because I certainly can’t afford a quick trip back to Kentucky for Christmas. We’re all a little bit down today though. The big girls, especially are so so sad. They had big plans for their cousins. We may be in mourning for a bit. Aloha!

Last week, the walls were starting to close in when we hit turtle beach. It was long drive up. We were tired and grumpy. Then I had one of those pinch me Hawaiian moments.

I don’t want Aloha! to turn into a bad word. It’s just sometimes difficult finding it at the lodge. We need more of these pinch me moments right now. We’ve had a few but they may be a bit far between for the next couple of weeks. Good news is, I can blog from a computer again to help me pass the time… Aloha!