Here are a few things that I’ve learned in my two weeks living on island…

It actually rains almost everyday. I don’t know why I didn’t know this… hello Blue Skies and RAINBOWS. Most of the time it’s weird little sprinkles that we’ve come to refer to as Hawaiian blessings. When the temps dip this winter I’m not sure that I will refer to it that way.

Turtle beach is not turtle beach. It is Laniakea Beach. You now know why I will forever more refer to is as Turtle Beach unless I’m conferencing with the nice lady in my GPS.

Jack is as slow as… well… this guy…

Seriously! It is so hard not having a car or a stroller because one of us is lugging a four-year old. That means the other generally lugs the other four-year old to keep things “fair.” This means we don’t get out much. You probably realized that already.

Pink boxes with blue letters contain my new favorite food. Oh my word! Yesterday a friend has no idea what a blessing she was dropping off a pink box at the door of the lodge. Malasadas make everything better, especially if they come warm from Leonard’s.

I’ve learned that our family goes through one roll of toilet paper every 24 hours like clockwork. Bless the Lodge housekeeping service. This also leads me to the conclusion that we might kill each other if we had to live with only one bathroom for much longer. We are spoiled blessed Americans.

I’ve learned that I really need a parenting refresher course. If someone could email me the chapter in the parenting manual on tweens, self image and living in tight spaces, I would really appreciate it.

I’ve learned that Jack pretty much trusts us but we still have a LONG way to go with attachment. I’m sure all these changes don’t help.

I’ve learned to stay the… okay to stay away from the NEX and the commissary during the RIMPAC exercises. From this morning’s paper I also learned that the bartenders in Waikiki LOVE the Kiwi sailors.

I’ve learned to love and loathe our time in the pool. At least one is always upset. It wears them out for the evening though.

I’ve learned there isn’t much time for blogging in a hotel room with four little people demanding my attention…. I’m off to the pool.