I’m not going to bore you with my whining about my life in a hotel on historic Hawaiian island. It seems petty and awful. The truth is, the kids and I are somewhere between not wanting to do anything and wanting to get off Ford Island. Today lethargy is kicking in. Hopefully a vehicle that seats all of us will be here very soon, especially since it’s supposed to be guaranteed to be here today meaning maybe sometime next week. (Sigh.) Does it sound horrible to say they are already tired of the pool?

In an effort to not be THAT person… you know the whiner I was being in the last paragraph when I have blessing upon blessing and no right to whine… That person… I’ll be back tracking for the rest of the week and telling you a little bit about mainland adventures before we hit the island. The biggest adventure was the Golo Wedding…

The decorations were gorgeous. I wish I had more pictures. I wish WordPress was agreeing to let me edit the pictures. I wish I had my Mac. Sorry. I’m whining again. I can’t believe I wonder where my kids get that whining gene from… Anyway… it was a good old country wedding. There were lots of outdoor lights, burlap and quilts. It was beautiful and perfect. Maybe I can get my sister-in-law to post some pictures on her website and I’ll link them. She gave me some really great family pictures. I’ll share them when Big Mac is up and running.

Anyway… my kids LOVE a good party. Especially one in which Sun Drop flows like a river. Tye Tye gave Jack his first taste of the sweet Kentucky nectar. This is pretty much what that looked like.






So pretty much Tye Tye created a Sun Drop monster. We will turn that boy into a red neck if it kills us.

Hanan spent her evening playing on hay bales and catching frogs. Check out that ankle tattoo. That’s how we roll around here. I really clean them up for a wedding!

Bria got her groove thing on. She had the honor of making the most requests of the DJ… including the first choice, “Red Solo Cup!” She pretty much spent the entire night getting her groove thing on.

Arleigh and Kendall ran around getting into whatever trouble they could find. We sure do miss that boy!

I have other pictures. We had such a good time. Grandpa and Ray even participated in karaoke. Unfortunately, my temperament isn’t suited to uploading pictures with the Lodge internet. Say it with me… 8 more days…. 8 more days… we can do anything for 8 more days… then the real fun and work will begin!