So here’s what’s happening here… we’ve made our initial school visit. I’m slightly freaked out but not for the reasons I originally thought I would be. Welcome to the world of paying for school buses… So… we have lots of decisions to make and school supplies to buy….and decisions to make… We also got our checkups scheduled FINALLY. For the first week of school. Sigh… On the phone most of the morning with opinions. I’m super relieved to know Jack is getting in and being seen and we get to start this next round of referrals.

I’m off to get a baby gift and mail a birthday present. I’ve waited too long but we’ve considered hitting the swap meet. Just not sure doing it with four kids is worth it… It’s another busy day in paradise. I couldn’t possible not post and send Nana Bonnie over the edge. Here are few more pictures I did take of our time in Kentucky.