This may be my last post from a computer for a bit… Ray surprised me last night with reservations in Waikiki until it’s time for the house. Tucker isn’t here yet. We thought it would be which is why we holed up at the Navy Lodge. When the navy moves you, they help with reimbursements based on lots of things. The equation that they use to figure out how much money they will pay you back is based on too many variables for me to keep up with. Generally, we try to bank a little because once you move in there are invariably 1000 things you need to repurchase or deposits, etc. This last four nights Ray figured moving wouldn’t make us money and it wouldn’t cost us money so, why not? So many people save up for years for a chance to stay in Waikiki.

So, I’m busy busy packing packing packing again. It’s amazing how much we’ve accumulated in this tiny place. We’re storing part of it at a friend’s garage and heading out. I’m sure we’ll have pictures to post from the phone… if I don’t we’ll see you Wednesday from the new digs! That is, provided the cable guy shows up and the movers come… and well… you know the drill. Have a happy Friday the 13th!