Jumping back into blogging is harder than I thought. After these last two weeks of roller coaster, it’s hard to know where to start. So… while I could tell you all about my birthday…I’m saving that for a bit. It deserves a big long post. Instead I thought I’d start with one of my favorite places… Laniakea. It’s also known as Turtle Beach.

Turtles in Hawaii are called honu. We actually live on honu loop. That friends was one of God’s extra little blessings because our family can not get enough of the honu. My favorite place to be on Friday night is on the North Shore climbing down the rocks to Laniakea. First, we stop for shaved ice.

The Aloha General Store is fabulous. I can’t even begin to describe their shaved ice. Our favorites are the pineapple bowl or the lava flow bowl. The pineapple is a scoop of pineapple ice cream, pineapple, shaved ice with pineapple syrup and then condensed milk. Oh my word! The lava flow is very similar but add coconut and strawberry. Yum! I think I know where I want to head tomorrow night.

After dinner we head over to Laniakea. I’ve heard that it’s horribly crowded during the day and Saturdays are the worst. Often there are several people hanging around when we show up but by sunset when the sky is amazing it’s often us and our biddies, The Langs and the turtles body guards. Yes, the turtles have body guards. It’s illegal to disturb them in Hawaii so volunteers stand guard. One night we actually walked down the beach a big so they could go home.

So, honestly I don’t have time to write and then show a picture. Plus, I love every picture I take at Turtle Beach. So I’m cheating. Here’s the gallery. Who wants to go with me tomorrow? I know the Langs will be in!