I busted out the other camera to download all the pictures we’ve taken since leaving Memphis… um… time to buy a new hard drive??? Again??? Probably not but there are alot. It makes me wonder what I forgot to blog about.

Pretty sure I left off the last days of school in Tennessee. That last month… oh my word. I’m getting hives just thinking about it. It wasn’t the school so much as it was our schedule and move preparation. Just thinking about it is giving me hives… did I just say that??? okay maybe not hives but my mood is dropping quickly!

The girls truly miss their friends and teachers. Bria asks about every other day exactly when we’ll be moving back to Tennessee. Sorry Grandma… it’s not because she’s in a hurry to move back. She just wants a trip to Disney Land on the way.

So, is there anything else I forgot to document during this crazy time in our lives? I’m off to check.