Ray took a use or lose day yesterday. Thankfully! He worked all day on Arleigh’s room. It is almost done. Hooray! It was just in time too. A minor trip to the clinic and some antibiotics later… Let’s just say I’m glad he’s home and I’ll be myself soon.

Today the kids have a day off from school because it’s statehood day. I’m going to sit them down tomorrow to explain it to them but today… We hit Bellows. It’s my favorite beach. Jack even loved it today.

I was trying to keep and eye on the kids an watch Ray body surf when I saw him signal me. A sea turtle popped up right under his board. We chased that thing all over. It’s unbelievable how fast they are in the water… Especially since I wasn’t wearing fins. I was at just the right angle when he came up for air. Sweet little thing was just a baby. He was about half the size of the ones we see on the beach and his coloring was gorgeous.

No camera available so I’ll just have to post a picture of us having our Statehood Beach Day. Have a good weekend!