Oh my! What a weekend….

This weekend Hanan went to a sleepover at her friend, True’s. True is a local in every sense of the word. The invitation read that Hanan would be sleeping over at True’s grandma’s house in Nanakuli. My GPS couldn’t find Nanakuli. I knew it was past Waianae. (Please know I now know how to say these words but spelling is a whole other conversation. Spell check doesn’t do Hawaiian.) We had heard that past Waianae you have to be careful. They don’t appreciate haole interlopers. We drove… and drove until the highway stopped and then we drove some more. We went past the Disney resort. I thought about hunting down the Black Pearl but we were already running late. I had no idea how far out Nanakuli was. It is gorgeous out there. I don’t have the words to describe it. The beach isn’t as deep but it reminded me of the beach at Bellows. Dolphins were jumping right by the van. It took all I could muster not to pull over and jump in with them. Then we found our little road and turned right, away from the beach into the neighborhood.

I have to tell you True’s family is great. They were so welcoming. I went back and met all the girls and all the family. There are at least three generations and possibly 2.5 families living in the house. Just what my Gran always wanted. There was a huge aquarium on the back porch that would have rivaled the Dentist’s office in Nemo. And gates… lots of gates. Enough to make me a little nervous about leaving a child to spend the night…in a tent. I said a prayer. Hugged Hanan. Kissed Hanan. Begged her to be good and safe and left.

Hanan made it just fine. It rained… not Hawaiian blessings, real rain. Someone was stung by a centipede in the middle of a Hunger Games screening. Ouch! To hear Hanan tell the story, it was big. Like, 10 inches big and difficult to kill. They all wound up sleeping inside. I found this out when I got a phone call the next morning. Hanan wanted to know if she could use some of the stuff True got for her birthday to put pink streaks in her hair. Colorful streaks are all the rage here. Hanan assured me it was temporary. She was a little foggy on one washing or 73 for it to come out. Um. Okay. Apparently it didn’t work on True’s black hair so they decided to try it on the blonde. It didn’t take in Hanan’s hair either. Whew! Dodged a big old bullet.

Speaking of Hunger Games. Hanan read it. She finished it this weekend. I told her she needed to read it before she could watch it. She knew it was being shown at the party so it didn’t take long. I’m wondering when she’ll ask for Catching Fire. Yes, it’s a bit much for Hanan I think but I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to talk to her about all the elements I previously discussed with Arleigh.

I picked Hanan up from Farrell’s. It’s a fun little restaurant. Lots of burgers and ice cream. The other three were thrilled that’s where I would pick her up. It meant clown sundaes and macaroni…and ranch shots.

Sorry for the giant image. That’s apparently what happens when I copy them from Facebook.

Since Ray is on a plane… I can tell you that we are surprising him. I painted Hanan’s room while he was gone, although not very well. It really needed another coat. Bria’s paint in on deck. I meant to do her’s too but…didn’t happen. The color of Hanan’s room is pale daffodil. I love it. It’s light and bright and seems happy just like Hanan. It’s amazing how much better I feel having her room almost complete.

Ray was in Norfolk to work. He took some time and went to see Nana, Papa and Uncle Mike and Aunt Sharon in South Carolina. It was a surprise for Nana and Papa. We can’t wait to hear how everything went. It sounded like alot of just hanging out and tinkering. Right up Ray’s alley. I’m sorry we missed it but it was nice for Ray to get the opportunity. We figured now that we are so far away, we need to seize the day when we can. We are also more than ready to have Ray back at home. I think I was kind of getting used to having him around all the time. He’ll have to leave for a bit next month too. I’m still trying to figure out a way to sneak on the plane with him so I can see all of our friends in San Diego… By all of our friends, I mean Pauline and of course Mike too.

Last night we enjoyed a Sunday dinner with the Langs. Always love to have the Langs hanging out. Tucker sure miss Molly Dog Lang though.

Today we have plans to maybe hit the pool. Pick Ray up from the airport. Clean up a bit and there’s peanut butter pie in the freezer. Happy Labor Day!