It’s September. We live military. I would be remiss if I didn’t say something.

Today, my mind is on other things. Jack is finally going to get a speech evaluation. We’re due at Tripler soon. I’m waiting on phone calls from different doctors for me. Plus, it’s time for our one year post placement visit. Yesterday, the quote I got was $850. Sounds unfathomable that someone would charge that much. Welcome to aloha living. So, I’m not sleeping thinking about all these things and then… you see the flags and the pictures of the towers. And yes, you remember.

We were in Iceland. It was lunch time there. I was feeding Arleigh and watching the Today show. I watched as the plane hit. Too many years of growing up in awareness because I was blessed to know this man. I found this picture of him with the “new robots helping humans.” So now you know where Arleigh found her name. You also know that for a girl in the middle of Western Kentucky I had an awareness of terrorists long before most people do. 

As the first plane hit, I called Ray…seconds later Pauline. I watched Matt Lauer’s shocked face but I knew. As the newscast asked what kind of accident could have happened, I knew our world had just changed. Mine changed seconds later as I watched armed men surround the housing of the base we lived on. Scooping Arleigh up, I sat in the big red chair, alternating between the window and the men with guns and the television and the horror that was unfolding on the other side of the sea.

So today, I’ll go about my day…my long appointment filled day and I’ll remember. I’ll remember because I was blessed to have a husband come home from Iraq when so many didn’t. I’ll remember because my children will grow up with an awareness that children didn’t have when I was growing up. (Not everyone asked if they could walk to school a different way in the middle of West Kentucky when they lived directly across the street from the school so the bad people wouldn’t get them. I was a weird child. Thank you Arleigh McCree.) I’ll remember because if you forget you won’t be prepared when it happens again. It always happens again even if you don’t see it. Remember I was 10 and aware of what was happening in the world.

I hope you take a second and remember too. Remember why. Remember what those brave first responders did. Remember that there are first responders in your city too. Take some cookies to the fire department or the police department. I guess I should find out where ours are… Remember and never forget the sacrifice that others make for our freedom and safety and thank God that you live where you do.