So, I thought today I’d let you in on the bang up job I’m doing parenting. Seriously folks…this is good stuff. So clearly, we are living in Hawaii and my keikis (Hawaiian for gazillion children running around my feet.) are attending the public schools. I heard that Hawaiian schools focus so much on Hawaiian history that my kids might miss out on good old fashioned American history and World Civilization. This worried me enough that I went out and bought ordered this fabulous book direct from Amazon.

Then I remembered all the Daniel Boone talk in Tennessee. Every state covers the history of their state more than any other state. Virginia did it too. Oh well. This book that I had big plans for… well let’s just say we still have big plans. We were going to read it around the dinner table every night. That’s happened…once. It’s become a quick get ready for bed so we can read this book together. It is kind of sweet to have them all piled up on top of each other listening to the story. We’ve even started taking turns reading while Bria tries her best to tangle at least one limb around every person.

It was kind of sweet until we hit chapter one… Yep, that early before we hit drama. I must say the introduction night went smoothly. We are reading the story of the nomads and how they had to move from community to community. Hanan was horrified when a little girl grabbed three lizards and threw them in her bag. It wasn’t because a little girl caught lizards…Hanan is the gecko whisperer. It’s because as the little girl felt them squirming in her bag looking for an escape she became very hungry thinking about lizard stew. “But they’re babies trying to get out! Why didn’t someone spear a pig? How can you do that? And gross!” flew out of the peanut gallery. Eventually though the little girl’s family moves into the fertile crescent. They are excited to hear about people planting their wheat so they don’t have to move on to pick another ground clear. They get into water for the first time EVER and notice how much better they smell. And then…they decide to stay to because there are plenty of horses to hunt and eat.

Thank you Susan Wise Bauer for your very accurate depiction of Nomad living. This book really is great for the kids and we truly enjoy the story. May I make one teeny tiny suggestion… in the front of the book maybe a note about scenes that might be graphic for the animal lover in the family and it’s best to avoid both the dinner hour and bedtime for reading. At least, finish dinner first.

All that said, this book really is great supplemental material. We are walking into Egyptian settlements just as Arleigh started talking about them at school. Just don’t read it while you’re ingesting a burrito. Lesson learned.