On Friday afternoon I called Ray as I arrived at the commissary. Would the kiddos be attending the mandatory work function fall break cookout? Someone didn’t make it to the island. The function was postponed. I normally shop for about 3-4 days at a time. Suddenly, no plan for Saturday but knowing there were two shoulders marinating in my fridge threw me… a little. What threw me more was a Saturday size line on Friday at mid day.

For you non military people… the line at the commissary works similarly to the line at Disney World. You wrap around a maize of velvet ropes, all one line. You finally reach the little red line and a sweet elderly lady (almost always) will direct you to the next available cashier. As someone who always gets behind a couponer (is that a word?) and the food stamps (nothing wrong with that it just takes longer) and the person who needs to return and or set back no fewer than three items every time I get in line anywhere else… I appreciate the system. It runs much smoother. When the single line goes through the ice cream, up the dairy aisle and straight into the meat I break out in hives. Standing with small children or in this case, Jack stuck in the cart is not fun. the line moves but when it’s that long it just takes forever. I probably would wait the same amout of time on a busy day at Wal-Mart but seeing it in action just makes it worse for me. Usually these lines seem to happen around pay day, on the weekends or before holidays. I avoid the commissary at those times. Apparently I missed the memo. Luckily there is a 15 item or less line. It runs the same way. There are two open and it nearly guarantees that I’ll wait less than 10 minutes. Score! It also means only essentials.

I promise I’m getting to the point… something about necessity being the mother of invention. I got home with the basics…milk, juice, a bag of avocados. Don’t judge me! They were on sale. I also got home with absolutely no plan for dinner. Clearly, there were avocados. I had a big jug of salsa from Costco and I was down to the last few cans of organic black beans that Ray brought home from another sale. A quick check of the freezer and I had tilapia. Fish tacos it is! I love fish tacos. The kids eat fish without fussing. By kids I mean Hanan and Jack. I get a yummy taste of Mexican and don’t feel like I’ve totally overindulged…minus the guac and sour cream and cheese and well…. like I said don’t judge me. Back to the pantry and NO TORTILLAS!

My world was crushed. Not really but you get the idea. Plain fish with rice and beans wouldn’t fly as easy around here. Big Mac to the rescue. I start my search. I don’t have any shortening in the house. This is something that I could usually find in the back of the pantry somewhere but I haven’t really restocked everything yet. No lard either….does bacon grease count? Didn’t think so. Finally I found a recipe that used olive oil. A little healthier than the other three. I’ll take it. Bria and I went to work. The recipe read like a pasta. A little flour…a little salt…a little oil and a little flour. It said let it rest and rise. I don’t think much rising happened there was nothing to trigger it. Then we rolled it out.

No tortilla press and lack of experience meant they were clearly not perfect circles. Good thing my family only cares about taste and if they hold their fishy goodness.

Those yucky counters… the color all kind of washes. Would you like to see the rest of my filthy kitchen? It will make you feel better about yours. Notice the spray paint at the end of the counter for another project and the turned over container of bubbles. Look close… you might catch a glimpse of our new family member, Coral by the sink.

We fried them up as we rolled.

The recipe said to make extra because you go through them so quickly. I didn’t double it, but I did add another 1/2. It made too many for us for one night. No worries thought because they are a favorite new snack.

This was our small tower about half way through the frying process. And the finished tacos…

I’m happy to report that they were a huge hit. The cilantro lime rice went over well with four of the six of us. I added a couple of tablespoons of the Costco fresh salsa to one can of beans. Hanan said they were the best beans ever. All I can say is, “Winner Winner Fish Taco Dinner!” We’ll do that again.

As a side note… I found the texture to be a bit off. I’m sure lard or shortening would have helped, you know if you’re into lard and shortening…