This week the kiddo are on Fall Break. It sounds funny to me because I see all the Facebook posts about putting away flip flops and rain. We’re still hanging out at the beach in our shorts every day. I’ll admit I do wish I had the weather to put on some fall clothes. They are much cuter than shorts and t-shirts. I gladly give it up for a day at Bellows Beach though.

Ray took a couple of days off… he still went in on Thursday but we were happy to have him home very early…before lunch early. So we loaded the van and headed to Tropical Farms. The Langs met us there for our adventure. We found out we could do anywhere it would just take a long time to get there.

Macadamia nuts are odd things… they are in a shell within a shell. Ray was explaining to kids how hard they are to crack and how expensive they are because of that. We also cracked a few open with rocks like they used to on the island. We sampled the raw nuts. No one was really a fan. We’ve become spoiled with the honey roasted variety.






We got on a bus that looked like a cross between a Jurassic Park reject and the short bus Ray swears he rode in the fourth grade.

Bria pretty much attached herself to Madison on the bus. There must have been velcro involved because I didn’t see her leave Madi’s side the entire day.

Dave got picked to sample the coconut water. It’s still not my favorite unless it’s mixed with something. I do like sweet young coconut water though. The stuff you find in the boxes at the big box stores is clearly an acquired taste. What Dave is drinking is not the same thing.

The kiddos were good. They were waiting patiently for the second bus to arrive. I can’t believe how grown up Arleigh looks in this picture. Sigh…

If you make it to Hawaii. I highly recommend Tropical Farms. So many people told us about it. We rode the bus down through the farm learning a bit more about the tropical plants that are grown there. They demonstrated how to make fire. We watched all the uses for the coconut and the show was awesome. Dave and Madi were both picked out of the crowd to sample items. Our guide cut up star fruit for everyone on the bus and all the woman and children got special headdresses.

After the coconut/fire show we rode to another area and boarded and outrigger canoe. At least I think that’s what it was with a very special motor… We rode out for a tour of a large fish pond. We saw the Huki Lau cafe from 50 First Dates. We saw the submarine dock from Lost. They are also filming the new show, Last Resort. We happened to make it on a day that filming wasn’t happening allowing for the tour. Very cool to see the bar where the navy seal drinks his troubles away.

When we finished, we headed back to the store. It was lunch time but sampling so many different flavors of Mac nuts had us nearly full so we got a loaf of banana mac bread and headed outside. I also happened upon coconut peanut butter. Oh my word! It’s my new favorite thing. On that bread… holy smokes! I’m now carefully plotting what to do with the rest of the small jar I purchased. So many decisions. Highest on the list my be just drinking it.

So I’m being lazy… It’s Saturday. Bria and Jack are threatening mutiny. The computer is frustrating the heck out of me. I’m just going to add the gallery so you can see some of the pictures. Really, it’s something you need to see in person. We won’t be here forever so book those airline tickets now!