Saturday was Bria’s big day… The Tangled Party.

We had a good time planning it. I missed a couple of pictures that I really wanted. Like the Beware Thieves Thugs and Ruffians Snuggly Duckling Print we hung outside. Oooops. I made some critical errors making a virtual pintrocity as expected. Apparently braiding twenty feet of yarn hair requires 3 adults. Who knew? Well, there were several tutorials I neglected to watch until we created this monstrocity trying to replicate a beautiful braid.

Oh well… It’s a Tangled Party right? That sucker was certainly Tangled!

Arleigh and Hanan were a big help. They were making decorations, helping with the food, setting up stations. The tattoo station was quite possibly the biggest hit. Everyone wanted one, including the adults. Jack was the only dissenter.









There was a piñata… everyone knows around here it’s not a party without a piñata.

We played put Pascal on Rapunzel and our usual pass Pascal for presents. There was lots of food of which I have only a couple of pictures. We had Snuggly Duckling Sausage, Festival Bread, Ruffian Cheese, Vladimir’s Cream Puffs, and Lantern Boats among other things. And the cake… The Princess and The Frog/Tangled cake.

Chantelle made a pendant for Bria that will hang in her room. Maybe it will be the motivation I need to paint the room. I did buy the paint over a month ago!

And the gratuitous Gallery of pictures. I’m sure I put a few more on Facebook if you’re interested. I think Bria had a good time and that’s what matters.

We did have one incident. I had a glass jar filled with colors (crayons for you non Kentuckians). The kids have kid-sized card table that Don gave us. Jack somehow knocked one of the legs breaking glass and exploding colors across the kitchen. Not fun but memorable. Ray says the next jar should plastic. My feet presently agree since I found a couple of stray pieces yesterday. Hanan found one small one but didn’t get cut.

I also learned that most Hawaiians only have family birthday parties and they don’t show up for friends parties. We didn’t find this out until well into party planning. A neighborhood friend told me not to expect many from school. I have not done a fabulous job of getting to know the neighbors. Sigh. Bria had three friends come. It worked out really well. Having it at home, with my giant brood the house felt full anyway. They all had a good time.

Dexter, bless his heart insisted on bringing Lady Bug things for Bria. He sits beside her at school. She got a watch, a purse, two books and lots of jewelry. Too bad she has her sights set on bad boy, Jayden. I’m in trouble with this girl! Her other friends brought beautiful Rapunzel toys. The Langs brought squishies. They are a new favorite.  I think squishie races happened in my house all day yesterday.

Time to clean up my Tangled mess. Thanks Langs, Ray and Big Girls for helping me out of my crazy state and putting up with me being completely awful for an entire weekend. We can now get back to normal until December.