There are times when I am quite certain only my mother and my aunt read this blog. While I know that’s not completely true, I also know that most people wouldn’t want to tolerate my whining. I also know I lost my brother as a reader because he says he refuses to see pictures of me in paradise while he’s working his fingers to the bone in Kentucky. So… I was surprised to get a note from Kelly Raudenbush asking if one of the posts about Jack could be submitted for We Are Grafted In.

If you aren’t familiar with WAGI, it’s a blog for adoptive families to share their experiences both good and bad. I read every post. When we were in the paperwork process for Jack, I devoured them imagining what it would be like once we had our little guy home. Now posts resonate with things that we are going through. It gives you a peek into other families’ lives and what they are really like. It’s a great resource for adoptive families.

You may have already read the posts about Jack’s testing. Click on over anyway. There are so many beautifully written posts. Just click the button.