Want to talk about a nightmare on Halloween? When you live on an island, nightmares are caused by traffic. We were supposed to be at the neighborhood parade at 5:30. I called Ray about 4:30 to ask where he was… work had popped up. There was an accident. A memo was sent out saying no one could get off the base. Kam highway is shut down.  At the same time I was getting texts from our friends. To tell you how close work is, Ray, regularly runs to the gate and back…not normal for us average citizens but it certainly shouldn’t take you hours to get home. That’s right I said hours. Texts said people were sitting…for close to an hour. By the end of the night, some neighbors said it took them three hours to come from Trippler. In the afternoon, I usually plan on it taking me 15 minutes to get to the parking lot. Ray got as far as the sub base, parked the Jeep and jogged home. He made it just in time for the candy grabbers to come at 6.

The kiddos got dressed, participated in the parade and took off. Holy candy Batman! A half block and Jack couldn’t carry his bucket anymore. The kids with the pillowcases had the right idea! We missed dinner to participate in the parade so Arleigh and Hanan decided to head back and fuel up. I asked them to take Jack. Bria was not done. She insisted a couple of more houses about 5 times. She went until she literally couldn’t carry anything back. Then it was time to eat.

We sat up a make-shift hand out candy party with our neighbors…one happens to also be family…small navy world. I owe them a big Thank You. I missed most of it because of walking with Bria to the ends of the earth. At one point, I felt like Samwise Gangee following Frodo on his quest. Anyway, the Nortons told us it’s more fun to hand out candy in the alley. They set up a blow up haunted house, disco lights, music, a giant spider and decorated the alley up. I drug the bench from front porch around and set a pumpkin on it. Lot of help I am! Anyway, by the time Bria and I returned from what will now be known as Candy Quest 2012… Scott and Doreen were in full on disco clothes and had the party rockin’. I got to sit down, have a bowl of chili and enjoy the show. It was fabulous! All the kids loved the haunted house and the disco lights. It was alot of fun. Thanks Nortons… and Thomas Family for a fabulous evening.

I was worried that Jack might get scared this year. No need to worry… He was all about getting candy. It didn’t take long for him to understand sweet stuff was filling his ghost pumpkin. He was off and running with the rest of them. He even made it into the haunted house. He’s usually a bit apprehensive about blow ups.

Of course, when you are Jake from the Never Land Pirates, you aren’t really afraid of anything.

Here are the kids in front of the haunted house with their cousin, Megan.

Catwoman was hard to catch on film… very appropriate. She was off with her friends to grab more sweet stuff then off on a trampoline, then off to who knows what. She is proving to be hard to keep up with around here. Good thing I love our neighborhood and our neighbors.

Arleigh was a good sport.  I hope a little aloha spirit and the fun of the holiday rubs off on her. I saw a fifteen year old Cinderella last night. She was beautiful. Arleigh is at that age where she thought this might be her last year… you’re never too old to dress up and enjoy Halloween.

Bria… well Bria was in her element. Rapunzel and candy and she could run willy nilly through the neighborhood dragging her mother behind her. It was a good night for this one.

It was a good night for all of us. That makes my heart smile. I know I mention it every year… my Gran died on Halloween night. It’s never far from my mind since she was my favorite person in the whole wide world. She made everyone think that they were her favorite, but let’s be honest, I was. (I think I just heard my mother chuckle.) Halloween night was special for our family. We gathered with all our friends at the Feed Mill to share supper and candy. Last night was the first time I think that I’ve had a touch of that on a Halloween night in a long time. It was nice. I can’t wait for next year.

One last shot of Bria and Jack getting their groove thing on… did I mention it was a good night?