I know that I crave beach days. Long days with nothing on the agenda but Maui Onion chips and Twizzlers. Volleyballs are optional.

Buckets, shovels and various sand toys…especially ‘Mater are not optional for this boy who prefers to barely dip his toes in the cool water.

At least one big shovel needs to make an appearance to help Daddy dig, bury and repeat about 101 times for the littles who really don’t seem to mind sand in every place imaginable.

I promise Bria is not that white but Jack is that dark.

Uncle Dave is also very necessary to every Bellows Trip because he is The Keeper of the Twizzlers. Thankfully he never tires of hearing, “Glease!!!” and “What in the world!” and our new hourly phrase, “Where’s “Mater?”

We splash.

We jump and play and body surf and dive under waves chasing as many sea turtles as we can. Yesterday it was one and I was pitifully slow towing a boogie board behind me.

A day at Bellows is hard to beat. I always leaving wondering why we don’t go more often. I never realize just how much I love it until I sit down in my chair. This pictures can’t even begin to justice to the color of the water there. The sand is perfect. The waves are just right to take out a boogie board and not so hard that I am constantly terrified for the kiddos. Yep, a day at Bellows is hard to beat.

Especially for great hair flip photos. Nothing like pretending to be Ariel at the beach… even if you don’t have hair like er um certain little boys.

Yeah, it doesn’t exactly work the same way does it?

It is hard to imagine that I will ever get tired of this place. This morning I didn’t even complain about the sand I found in Arleigh’s hair, or the two extra loads of laundry, or washing the water bottles. Sandy toes and sun kissed cheeks sure make us happy happy happy.

Hard not to love isn’t it?