We found out a couple of weeks ago that our tenants in our home in Virginia are going to have to move. I really liked my tenants. I’m sad. I also want this thing rented to a nice family. Our property manager has received quite a bit of interest and I also had several people ask to see pictures via a Facebook spouse group. There is a bit of a time difference between here and Hawaii. I don’t want to spend the $50 on a Military By Owner post when we know folks are interested…so excuse me while I create our own little MLS listing here.

The house sits in Kempsville. I was able to walk the kids to and from the elementary school. The high school and middle school are just as close. There is a rec center and a library with a great little park all in walking distance. I love love love the location because we are right off the Witchduck exit. We could be anywhere quickly. It made a great location for every base Ray was stationed at. The tunnel was a bit of a problem when he was stationed at the hospital in Portsmouth but we all agreed that we wouldn’t want to be on the other side because everything we liked to do, the schools, the beach, town center, etc. was right by our house. Can you tell I loved our first home?

It has four bedrooms and two and half baths. Tile downstairs excepts for the den and formal living room and hard wood upstairs except for tile in the bathrooms. The bedrooms are large. It’s the bonus of having an older home. I never understood how great that was until we moved into new construction in Tennessee.

We are asking $1700 a month. If you are interested, contact our property manager, Art Carden at 757-241-2740. If you are interested, call him now. This neighborhood is sought after for the schools. We only did elementary but I LOVED that school more than any that we’ve been to since. Below you’ll find a gallery of pictures. Thanks for looking!