It’s been a while since I’ve shared a recipe. This is too good not to pass on…and decadent and rich and well you get the idea. I saw a very healthy version that we made once. It went over okay. Then we started tinkering with it. Now there is nothing inherently healthy about it except cauliflower entered my children’s mouth without an ounce of protest. That is always nice. I’m all about the no struggle to eat family dinner. So here goes…

It all starts with a trip to Target, I mean a head of cauliflower. For some unknown reason, I can never find cauliflower at the commissary so a trip to Target it is. I know. Feel sorry for me please.

I break it apart, chop it up, however you want to do it into pretty small pieces. Then I slice some of these unless I’ve been at the commissary and I have the presliced version.

Forgive the photos. Pioneer woman I am not.

Rough dice an onion…

Then mix it all together with a little mojo.

What is this mojo, you ask? Well, it’s our affectionate term for mojo de ajo. You can find my recipe here. This particular batch Ray talked me into smoking instead of popping in the oven. It’s not what I want all the time, but it’s been a pretty good change up from our typical garlic crack. If you don’t have a gallon jug of mojo like we do, some olive oil and chopped garlic added with some salt at this point will work but it loses a bit of the magical golden qualities. Make some mojo already!

Mix it up, throw it on a cookie sheet into the oven at 450 degrees. You really want the cauliflower to brown. Over the course of cooking, you may want to turn it a couple of times.

Just let that cook and we’re off to step two. This step is totally optional. This is a great vegetarian dish if you want it to be. My kids lapped it up the last time we made it. However, sausage in my refrigerator is like money in my wallet. It seems to burn a hole until I find a reason to cook it up. So… out of the fridge.

Into the pan

Brown it up. Crumble it as small as you like. There is a difference of opinion here. Ray likes it tiny. I like to get a big hunk every now and then so I compromise and do somewhere in between usually dictated by what I think Jack can manage to chew. Remove it from the pan and add a stick of butter. Remember I said decadent…

Brown the butter. Now, I can at times be a bit of a novice. Several years ago we discovered brown butter noodles it led to brown butter mashed potatoes and popcorn and well anything else we can think to put it on. If you are like I was, it pretty much means, melt the butter and let is cook until it’s brown, not burned. I stir it…alot.

While your butter browns start boiling some water with a little bit of salt. Not this much. Apparently I just felt the need to show Gran’s old cast iron skillet that holds my salt. I love it. The water should be salt though.

And back to my butter… add about 2 tablespoons of Balsamic vinegar. I just eyeball it.

Let it bubble and simmer and it will quickly look like a thick syrup. At this point Arleigh almost always runs into the kitchen. Yelling, “It’s my favorite sauce!” It’s hard to mistake the aroma.

Add about a half cup of cream. Back up to my decadent comment.

It looks weird for a second but keep stirring and it’s the color of a rich brown gravy. At that point put in about 1/2 cup of parmesan.

Mix it up and it can simmer for as long as you need it to.

Throw 1/2 box of orzo into a pot. I promise 1/2 of that box feeds my entire family well. Especially if you have a salad and some crusty bread on the side. Last night, we had neither. Sigh.

When the orzo is done to your taste… my crowd likes it just past al dente… Drain it and put it back in the pot. Throw in the sausage. Pour on the gravy. Then slide all that cauliflower mixture on top and stir it up. Dump it on a plate with a little more parm.

Sorry. Bria picked our plates last night and this was a bit of a last minute picture…

And we had some happy campers. Jack was double fisting a fork and spoon. He couldn’t shovel it in fast enough.

I would say it’s a hit. Plus, it’s one more reason to make a Target run!