On Friday night after Jack’s IEP, we decided that we needed a break so we headed over to Hickam AFB to watch Freedom Tower’s Christmas Lighting. It was hands down, a new family favorite. We arrived to food trucks and bounce houses. Santa was there but we were a bit late for the line. We also needed to scout out seats for the Tops In Blue Performance.

Seat scouting accomplished. Can I also tell you that I love this wagon? Cause I do. It’s perfect seating for Bria and Jack in a sea of people. Plus, they didn’t have to make the hike back to the car.

After a quick bite, Bria and I braved the bounce house. She was the last one in and out. Thank goodness. I was prepared to promise the world if she didn’t get into the thing.

As the bounce houses deflated, we heard all about Freedom Tower. It’s actually a water holding tank that was built in 1938. It’s still used today. When I saw it, I would have never guessed it’s purpose. Apparently I’m not the only one. When the Japanese bombers were busy wiping out everything on the island, they left the tower alone assuming it was a place of worship. The room at the top became the perfect radio tower. In 1985 it was given the name “Freedom Tower” during the Hickam’s 50 years celebration. I have to say, I’m eating up the history around me. It’s fascinating to be in a place where the remnants of a war are ever present.

Then the tower was lit. Tops in Blue came out to perform. We spent the next two hours dancing and taking goofy pictures of each other as the lights twinkled and changed colors. It was a nice start to our holiday season even if we do miss family.