So the surgery was Thursday. Recovery was so much easier this time it’s hard to complain. It was supposed to take 45 minutes. After an hour and a half they moved from my left kidney to my right kidney. The spinal was wearing off. The lovely part was whatever lovely little pain killer she chose to give me in the meantime. Oh my I was feeling just fine. I couldn’t feel a thing. I’m also about to tell you too much info. They told me I had to pee before I could leave. I think the technical term is void… whatever. I insisted on trying. Ray is saying do you need to? I’m saying I have no idea but I want to go home get me to the bathroom… I get in there and start to say, “I don’t think I can go.” Ray says, “You are going. Can’t you hear it?” We got a really good laugh out of our potty humor. I proceeded to go off and on for ever. I practically stood up and did a little dance to get to leave even though I still had no feeling from about my knees up. While surgery wasn’t great, I’m up and possibly even a little too mobile. There is nothing to complain about except for the stints that are keeping me from doing everything I need to do.

Friday night we missed the Pearl Harbor parade. I’m a little sad because we live here. I will like Pearl Harbor Day is something every American child should know and respect, but especially if you live on this island. Instead, we watched “What the Bible Says About Christmas” and ate a wonderful dinner that our friends dropped off.

On Saturday morning Ray got the bigs up and drug them to our church’s food bank. They worked their little butts off for a couple of hours. He then surprised them with a trip to Manoa Falls. We heard that a certain movie from a certain book might be filming there. Sure enough… I think she lost her mind when she saw cast parking, according to my texts she did anyway.

They hiked to the falls, saw the set and then Ray trailed around. They got to see Finnick and Johanna. Oh my word! I was excited for her. They were obviously filming the fog scenes due to the boils on Finnick’s neck. Arleigh also spotted stunt doubles for both Peeta and Katniss but it was a bit of a let down.

Tick Tock Arleigh… I don’t know if I would be so smiley standing in the arena… That’s an orb behind her.

Bria and Jack were left out of the hike but now out of a little water play…

When the big girls and Ray arrived home, Ray and I headed to the swap meet. We got part of what we went for… They shut down pretty quickly on a Saturday afternoon. I got my first Mele Kalikimaka sign though a bit cheaper because we were late.

Sunday was church and pot yuck…I mean pot luck and it wasn’t yuck at all.  Ray smoked some of the best pork shoulder I’ve ever had. We rushed off to piano and then… Wicked! We took the big girls. Bria and Jack hung back with Madi.

Oh my word how I love this show!

Our neighbor was selling tickets half off and we knew we had to take the big girls. It was so much fun to introduce them to one of my favorites. Hanan loved GaaaLinda and Arleigh loved Elphaba. The best part was the local behind us. It was clearly his first experience. He was soooo excited about every part. Plus, there is a local in the play and I’m pretty sure we were sitting right in front of his cheering section. It was a fabulous experience for all of us.

Now it’s time to get back to the real world. We’re hosting the command Christmas party on Friday and Arleigh’s birthday on Saturday. Plus, this is the last week of school. I’m doing kindergarten assessments and helping with parties. Arleigh’s class has a special service project on Friday. Stints come out Wednesday. I know there is always going to be someone busier than me. Right now, things feel pretty hectic. So, my posts may be a bit less frequent until I get this under control…