I have been promising the kids that we would hit Ala Moana to see Santa since school got out last week. So today I manned up and drove to Waikiki. It’s always an adventure.

We walked directly to a little coconut hut on the first floor. It was one of the cutest Santa displays I’ve seen. In Virginia they were all based around the latest movie. There’s outrigger canoe making elves and honus (AKA turtles) and palm trees, just what you would expect in the heart of Hawaii. A little door let you peep in on the reindeer while you waited. Other than the older Japanese people trying to rub my kids’ hair…it’s a wonderful experience. I promise. I find it to be incredibly weird but if we are anywhere near them, they rub Hanan’s and Bria’s heads like they are buddha bellies.

We got to Santa. I’m pretty ecstatic with the preplanned this isn’t the real Santa talk. He was so excited that Hanan asked for a leather journal, he told her how his Grandma wrote down every conversation she ever had. Hanan didn’t know Santa had a Grandma…. Anywho. Jack wasn’t thrilled with the big guy. I made the mistake of saying “Look Jack!” He’s having a harder time focusing and his eyes tend to bug out of his head. So… we either have the world’s funniest picture, or the weirdest or well. At least it makes me giggle. Bria looks constipated. The bigs look overcome with apathy I mean aloha spirit… and Jack, well he’s ready to make a break from the big furry haole! Mele Kalikimake indeed!