Recently my friend Andrea posted this video on her blog. It stayed with me.

Then, I was contacted by a friend at Love Without Boundaries. Sweet little Rosalinda who you helped me sponsor has been adopted!!! Huge praise!!! We will now be sponsoring a little boy from Jack’s orphanage, as soon as I receive his information, I’ll share it with you. And there is bigger news. Another family is traveling to China in under 2 weeks to pick up another precious child. So now, I’m in contact with two families traveling to Jack’s orphanage in under two weeks. Rosalinda is home. Three more children in a short period of time. When we traveled Jack was one of the first children to leave for adoption. We know of a few others. The orphanage has seen the good that working with LWB does. More and more kids are getting their paperwork sent in to make them available for adoption. Blessings upon blessings. My friend from LWB asked that we send pictures of Jack over the last year with one of these families along with a note. It would be an encouragement for them to see a child after they leave.

Holy cow! Living in Hawaii, getting things off this island with the holidays… it’s um…not always easy. I contacted my sweet friend Sharon, can you help? She is getting ready to travel to China to pick up TWO children. I didn’t want to burden her with anything else right now. Of course, she even volunteered to print pictures that I emailed. She is always willing to help anyone. I ordered pictures and sent them to her. She is putting them in an album with a message that we’ll be crafting later.

The orphanage is concentrating their efforts on younger children. Sharon’s son is Jack’s age. These boys are huge blessings… not to say it doesn’t come at a cost, but huge blessings indeed. It’s my hope that the orphanage director will see the change in Jack and give some of the other children a fighting chance at finding families. If the paperwork isn’t processed, they are not available for adoption. I was so encouraged last night and this morning to hear all the changes the orphanage has made over the past year. So encouraged. An institution is still not the best place for a child to grow up. Could I ask you to join me in praying that even more changes are made… until they all come home.

If you want to follow Sharon you can find her blog here. I can’t wait to see the pictures the day Payne is in her arms! A few days later, she’ll have Evie Claire too!!!