When we were flying to China I was filled with nervous excitement. I think part of it was because I just knew we would be one of those families so moved by all the children, we would be back as soon as we had settled to life in Hawaii. Um… in Hawaii. Maybe I’m still settling? Actually, we got to China, and as you’ve heard me say, Jack was clearly all I could concentrate on. I thought I would be picking up an active toddler. He at least seemed active in the few pictures we had. Instead, I met a boy with no muscle tone, tired and hungry and scared. He didn’t know how to chew. He could barely walk. Running induced falling. And the talking… well he can still parrot like nobody’s business but trying to get across what he needs to say still doesn’t happen. He is a bit better every day though. This is nothing you haven’t heard before. It’s just the reality. I’m also not as patient as I thought I was. Imagine that. Point is. Jack has changed us for the better but I can’t imagine at this point having the time or the energy to take on more. Would I feel obligated to try for his particular SWI again? Since bringing Jack home I felt knocked off course and well, a lack of purpose I guess. It’s hard to explain. When I heard from kiddos from Jack’s orphanage that were stuck on the shared list, I thought the least I could do is advocate a bit and pray a lot.

God is good and He answers prayers. Doesn’t it feel good when that fact is tangible and you can see it in front of you? The first little boy that I mentioned after bringing Jack home broke my heart. He reminded me of Jack. I couldn’t imagine leaving him there. Then over a few weeks we heard there was a family pursuing him. Iker Didi is going home in January! You can view his original post here. That makes three children, one is the son of a good friend coming home this month!!! I seriously have been somewhere between grinning from ear to ear and wanting to cry.

My friend Sharon is leaving TOMORROW to get her sweet son Paine and his sister Evie. That’s right I said and his sister. Check out Sharon’s family here. She’s already been to China three times to pick up sweet little ones. She has three older daughters too. I am constantly amazed by her strength, grace and courage. She is such an encouragement to me just when I need her and while I have spoken with her on the phone, I’ve never met her face to face. Once again, she stepped right up to help me even while packing to go get two more children to add to her family.

I mentioned that LWB asked that we try to get a photo album of Jack back to the orphanage as an encouragement that older boys (Is 3 and a half really older?) get added to the list of children available for adoption. Let me say that even with Jack’s delays, even with an upcoming surgery, even with the problems and frustrations, I can tell you we’ve chatted. If we knew then what we know now about Jack… we would do it the same way all over again. Jack is a blessing. If we can help any other family find their blessing, we’ll jump through hoops to do it. I’m so blessed to have a friends like Sharon who feels the same way. I had days with holidays thrown in to get her pictures. They arrived TODAY. Nothing like last minute. I’m thought and prayed about what to send in a letter. I’m sure Sharon didn’t realize I’m such a procrastinator. I sent it this morning to be stashed in the letter.

I’ve already received these pictures…

I’m so excited at the prospect of what this will do for the other children that we left behind. When we picked up Jack, he was one of only a handful of adoptions that had ever happened from this particular orphanage. I now know 3 families traveling in January. God is good. Please join me in praying that more of these kids can find their way into homes of forever families.