Ned & BobcatRay and Ned helped me clean out the rest of Tye’s apartment today. I should say, I stood there in shock and shuffled from one room to the car most of the day while Ray and Ned packed things up. We managed to find humor in what we were doing. I guess I shouldn’t mention Tye’s stash of…well, never mind.

On the top shelf of Tye’s garage sat a stuffed bobcat. I recognized it as Ned’s and always wondered where kitty kitty had disappeared too when Mom and Ned moved out of the blue house. I’ve seen the occasional stuffed squirrel and deer head but the bobcat has been noticeably missing. There she sat. Ray grabbed and it and passed it down to Ned. I ran to take pictures… I mean, we are from Kentucky.

Ned was mentioning that maybe mom would now let him display the kitty with the fox. I thought she might. He said that the mice might have done a number on their nemesis. That’s when we noticed. One paw was dangling in a precarious position. His tail was no longer attached. Oh. My. Good. Gravy. Kitty Kitty had seen better days.

When I got home I heard the whole story. Tye moved into the blue house with Gabe after Grandma and Ned moved into the big house. One dark night, the bobcat caught Gabe’s attention in the dark. Tye was fast but Gabe was faster. Kitty Kitty lost her tail and almost a paw. Tye called his compatriot in all things sinister…his mama. Mom said, “Ned is going to kill you and feed you to Gabe then kill him too! Hide it!” Tye tucked the bobcat in his closet. Eventually Tye built and moved on to the white house. The bobcat moved with him. Tye married Julie and moved to Benton. The bobcat found a new home in the attic. With each move Mom said, “Ned is going to kill you! Hide it!” With each move, Tye carefully moved kitty kitty.

About six months ago Tye sold everything and moved to a small apartment on the campus where he worked. Mom was helping him pack and move when she happened upon kitty kitty. “Tye Wheeler Jackson, Ned will kill you. Get rid of it. You have to get rid of it. It’s been 10 years!” she said yelled. Tye dutifully carried kitty kitty and placed him on the shelf in his garage…until today when I handed him to Ned.

Kitty Kitty may find a new home in the aloha state. Think he’ll fit in a suitcase? Wonder what Tucker would do.