Today I went to sign a legal document and had to ask what day it is. Seriously. Happy Valentine’s Day folks!

For the first time in my life, I planned ahead. I ordered something for Ray. I hope it’s at home but I have no idea. Our celebration included a meeting with an attorney (who I now consider one of the greatest dudes on the planet) by ourselves, lunch at Dumplin’s while talking to our friends about a Tucker crisis, a trip without children through Wal-Mart where we purchased nothing, a trip to the courthouse with Grandma and dinner with family. I’d say it’s  distracted holiday. Ray knows I love him and appreciate him every day of the year. Right Ray? Right?

Anyway, when we came back I was counting my blessings. We were able to travel (a very long way) with four kids. I thought they would be a great distraction for Grandma. They have been. Oh the distractions we’ve been able to provide… Let me count the ways.

  1. Puking kids… in the car… in the bed. It’s an endless distraction of washing sheets and gag reflexes.
  2. Mater hunts… Jack’s favorite thing in the world is a Tow ‘Mater truck. He holds it in his hand when he’s nervous. He also likes to hide it in every drawer and cabinet he can find. It creates and endless game of hide and seek for the adults while he yells “Mater!”
  3. Food preparation. As soon as you start to clean up breakfast, someone has an idea of what should be served for lunch which brings up snack and dinner plans. It seriously never ends.
  4. Laundry… 6 people…2 suitcases…and did I mention puke? Need I say more?
  5. Hugs and kisses are obvious bonuses to make up for what shall be known as Puke Fest ’13.
  6. Artwork must be swooned over on an hourly basis. It provides a much needed distraction from the other copious amounts of paperwork and signatures. These Valentine’s don’t make themselves people!
  7. Bathing distractions… Did I mention I have two tweens? This means locked bathroom doors. Add two preschoolers with an endless supply of sweets. And puke. Let’s never forget the puke. Factor in Bria’s hair and this could literally take hours in a day. Wait! Did I manage to bathe today? Oh yes I did! Someone please give me one of those peanut butter cookies!
  8. There are potty breaks, pond house trips and someone needs to teach them how to shoot a pool stick. There are woods to tromp through and dogs to play with. It’s hard to imagine we are getting any of the other necessary adult activities done. This sounds like items 9, 10, 11, and 23 so I’ll stop here.

We’re distracted and that’s okay. That’s what kids are for. Counting our blessings this Valentine’s Day and beyond.