I’m finding that counting my many, many blessings right now is very important. I thought that I would just jot down a few things that make me smile.

  • texts from Arleigh late at night when she should probably be sleeping
  • Bria’s impish grin
  • Arleigh’s buddy from school has an Instagram account (I stalk all my kids’ friends) her account name is asian_wita_camera. Makes me smile every time I see it.
  • Driving Ray’s jeep, even though I don’t very often.
  • Big Bang Theory.
  • Jack’s new words.
  • The many rainbow reminders we see every day.
  • Boonie chickens greeting me when I get out of my car at the school.
  • Hugs from the kids and kisses before bed.
  • Ray teasing about well…everything.
  • All the texts from friends that I haven’t talked with in a while.
  • The promise that this rain will stop and I’ll be back on the beach as soon as I get the chance.

So many things that make me smile. We have every reason to be sad right now, but I’m choosing to hold on to the good.