So, I have lots a people that I chat with through my little window into the big wide world, also known as Big Mac. Some of them I’ve never met face to face. One of those people is my friend Lisa. We share mutual friends that told me multiple times how much I would love her. She was adopting her second from China as we were adopting our first. I know she answered a bunch of questions in the middle of our paper chase. I had hoped we would be there at the same time but it wasn’t meant to be.

Funny thing is, she popped up here on my island yesterday and thank goodness, she was kind enough to take the pictures to prove it.

Lisa is a breath of fresh air. I showed up with my hair a mess, in my house dress and slippers. (Yes, I’m officially local!) She was just as cute as a button. We swung around Ford Island, had a fabulous lunch at one of my favorite places. I have to say, Lisa and her husband Don were fabulous. I wish they could hang out here all the time! They were a much needed distraction and I clearly enjoyed every minute of it.

Thanks Christine and Andrea! You were right. Lisa is just as fabulous as you said! I hope to see this sweet couple again soon!