We’ve started watching The Bible from The History Channel.

It’s been good for us. Last night we didn’t have our usual second worship service at church so we piled into the living room, cuddled up and watched. I realize we are a week behind, but remember we’re on island time. Frankly after a week of some pretty serious tween issues, we needed it.

I appreciated discussing the Old Testament with the kids. I puffed with pride at how much they already know… clearly not very Christian like but still. I appreciated wanting to go back and reread some of the stories. I truly need to follow up on that with the kids. Remind me please. We also discussed how nice it was to watch and fact check. Sometimes its nice for my brain to watch instead of trying to wrap my brain around the words. It can be feeble like that.

Some of our highlights… a certain 10-year old was scared enough by what she saw that she felt the need to cuddle with me last night. While I’m not always thrilled with the lack of sleep, I take my cuddle time seriously when they are older. The teeth grinding in my ear all night…. I could do without that though.

A certain 12-year old got excited seeing the fight in Sodom. “It’s like Bible Avengers!” may be my new favorite line.

Every story was a favorite story. I love that. “Oh, Sarah… remember when you guys prayed for a new baby after hearing that story? Bria showed up not long after that.” Oooops. Someone in the house is currently praying every 30 seconds for a new baby.

On that note, I might need to proceed with my counter prayer…