Today according to several pieces of paper, Jack turns 5. In true fourth child fashion, we had to jigger a few things and we celebrated yesterday. I love birthdays. I sweat over birthday parties. And yet, each child is different. For a moment yesterday, I felt like I failed Jack. He doesn’t have close neighborhood friends. We still work on tandem play. He doesn’t really care for the loud birthday party scene.

I decided to take Happy Meals into his class at school to celebrate. I planned on making that his big party. I had plates and napkins, cupcakes, pirate hats and patches. I had it all. I wasn’t allowed to hand out the patches because it might prevent them from eating. They decided to save the cupcakes for after naptime. It was pretty much, “Eat up kids! Thank Auntie Brandi. Now lay down.” Not the perfect party I had envisioned. I did get a picture of the group.

IMG_3764I felt horrible about the crappy party. The piano teacher cancelled lessons for last night so we headed to Farrell’s for Jack’s favorite foods, mac & cheese, fries and ice cream. The only way it could have gotten better is if I threw in some chicken nuggets.

IMG_3766Jack got to dance to a birthday song, blow out a candle and most importantly eat some ice cream!












The absolute best part of the night was the presents. It’s not hard to make this boy happy! He loved every one!

IMG_3779Jack, you should know that if I had to pick only one day a year to celebrate you, it would be October 1st. It wasn’t the first day I saw your picture, it wasn’t the first day I met you. On those days, at least one of us was sad. The day I would celebrate is the day we got you home. The day you met your sisters. The day I breathed because my little family was together and complete. I wonder today what goes through your birth mom’s mind, if this really is your birthday. I would like for her to know you are a happy little guy who spreads joy everywhere. I love you Jack Jack. Happy Birthday!