We are having so much fun with the cousins. You have to say it like this…


You probably have to be a Stitch fan to get that.

Anyway… I’ve been trying to take lots of pictures just with my little point and shoot. It was very cloudy yesterday and that little bugger takes better pictures in the hot bright sun. I can’t be bothered to try and change settings… my photo evolutions revolve around the littles.

We walked up the Might Mo (U.S.S. Missouri) yesterday and saw this.

IMG_3937I begged the tweens to stand beside it and make a shocked expression. Yeah. Right. You would think I would have learned by now. The only expression they wanted to make was one of gagging. Insert Bria. We could talk her into it. Right?

IMG_3938Start to take the picture, and Jack sees what she’s doing… Can’t leave him out!

IMG_3939Am I doing it right?



There we go…

We’re having fun. Turtle Beach and Opal Thai today and we might take advantage of Nana Bonnie and get a date night!