We are moving into the last few days of Spring Break. It sure has been fun. We are super blessed to live on an island paradise. I try to remember every day that we shouldn’t take it for granted. That would have been impossible last week with our New Mexico cousins and Nana Bonnie visiting. We did things we haven’t gotten around to yet but we’ll for sure be going back.



Things like Hanauma Bay. That was just amazing. The girls have found a new love for snorkeling and the water was calm enough for Jack to enjoy it. Evelyn even saw a turtle. Hanan is asking to go back RIGHT NOW. Once Arleigh got flippers on her feet, we really didn’t see her again until it was time to go. Then there’s Bria… she couldn’t quite figure out the whole don’t dunk it under the water thing so she just held her breath for an amazing amount of time. I love seeing their sweet faces when they catch sight of a new fish. Tori and Phia got practice for their swim with giant mantas on the big island. Yes, they did! Now we can’t wait to go!








Of course it wouldn’t be MY spring break if I didn’t provide everyone with a story to tell. In the back and forth between our house and the cousins’ hotel in Waikiki we left the van. Eleven people is alot of people to get around. We knew we had to get back the next day. I hopped in the Jeep after my new boot camp class. As a side note Boot Camp apparently rots the brain, at least that’s the story I’m telling these days. I was ready to go. New snorkel gear…check… Snacks…check…sunscreen and towels….in the van check… I forgot the keys to the van. Ooops. I remembered after 25 minutes of fighting traffic to get to Waikiki. Ooops. There are eleven people. We had exactly 9 seats. We did what any Hawaiian style family would do… we cheated and drove carefully. We see kids riding in the backs of pick ups all the time here. The kids had fun and by the Grace of God we are all okay. Hopefully I’ll remember the keys next time.

Ray and I got a date night with Sann and Evelyn. Thank you Nana Bonnie! Duke’s is just as good as everyone promised. We hit Bellows, and the North Shore where we enjoyed lots of shrimp and shaved ice.








I’m ever so thankful for the shrimp truck and shaved ice. They may have saved the day. We have been talking up Turtle Beach since we got here. Not one turtle was on the beach this time. We saw lots of them in the water though. They are graceful swimmers but I was hoping to get some pictures up close with the girls. Oh well… I guess they’ll just have to come back.

We had a fabulous time with our guests. The big girls have decided that Uncle Sann needs to get back in the military and follow us around for a while. Bria decided that Aunt Evelyn is her new best friend. Jack learned lots of new things from Nana Bonnie like, “Are you okay honey?” We are tanned and relaxed and don’t want to get back to the real world. Thankfully it’s only partially calling. Couple of doctor appointments and boot camp today… but no school until Wednesday!

Hope you enjoy your Spring Break as much as we enjoyed ours!