I stink for multiple reasons but seriously, if you see at the NEX, walk the other way. Actually you’ll probably smell me first. Run the other way! I smell like Ned in his deepest darkest day of back pain. In other news… I love muscle cream!

My first week of boot camp was rough but I totally hung in there. I had tummy troubles on Sunday night. Actually troubles doesn’t quite cover it. Monday morning I was barely okay but I refuse to miss bootcamp in the first month. If you start missing now If I start missing now it will be easier to stop. The sun was miserably hot. We were supposed to have an arm day but I gorked my calf during jumping jacks of all things. Embarrassing! I kept going. Other calf started pinching. Any high impact on my toes was shooting pains up my legs. I couldn’t tell if I pulled something or if I was cramping from dehydration. I slowed down to a crawl, was disappointed with my performance but this is my first month. Show up Wednesday and my calves were screaming during the run but I hung in there. Then we get to the cardio portion of our workout. Jump the wrong way one time and …lets just say I know lots of swear words and I hope none of them came out of my mouth. I managed to finish a HARD day of boot camp. I think I may have crawled home.

As the day went on, the old calves got tighter and tighter. Going up and down the stairs is still torturous. Out comes the muscle cream. Frankly Scarlett I don’t care how bad I stink. Any relief is welcome. Did I mention I have boot camp tomorrow. I’ll be in the corner sucking my thumb.

Also… I AM NOT TURNING 40 UNTIL JULY. Getting old is going to be a problem.