Our Easter this year was low key… like undercover low key…like if you blinked you might have missed it. I’m slacking a bit in the Mom department these days. I did get a few pictures.











We made it to the neighborhood Easter egg hunt, well a few of us did. Arleigh had a friend sleep over. They stayed up late and chose sleep over chocolate and brunch with the neighbors. The kids did okay. Hanan’s buddy Raina racked up a few in Arleigh’s place. I think Bria got the most but the hunt was handicapped by age so she did have a bit of and advantage. I never realize how tall she is until she’s standing with a bunch of kids her age.

After all the kids went home we made resurrection rolls. You can read about them here. I thought it was a clever thing to add to our family Easter traditions. So basically you seal a marshmallow in dough. It’s like the tomb. When you open the roll, the marshmallow is gone. Bria couldn’t let it go. “Marshmallows aren’t like Jesus they don’t just disappear!” At least she asked us to reread the Bible a couple of times. I think I need some bonus points here especially when you consider Sunday School. In Bria’s class they were talking about how the stone rolled away. They asked the kids what happened next Bria said, “There’s no marshmallow!” Go Team!

In other news I made banana bread and bourbon butter. Can you drink bourbon butter? And no, the kids didn’t eat the butter. They have to deal with strawberry coconut peanut butter on theirs. Poor kids.



We went to morning worship services and took the obligatory family photos before heading out.

IMG_4075Is anyone ever really in the Easter spirit of things after trying to get four kids to look at the camera at the same time? And a big thinks to the Aloha section at the NEX for saving my tail. I didn’t buy matching anything this year. I picked those dresses up the night before. Bria is wearing a 7. I don’t even want to to think about the size I bought Arleigh. They are so soft and bright. I love them. I want one. Thankfully they’ll still play along and dress alike…twice a year.

Side note… Arleigh’s flower is on the wrong side. She liked it there. Left means your taken. Right means your single. In the middle means you’re very, very confused.

We had lunch at Ruby Tuesday’s because nothing says Easter brunch like a Californian Quesadilla. Really, it was Ray’s way of treating us and  it was a deliciously filled with avocado goodness and bacon so I’ll take it. Back to church for singing and then we dyed some eggs.
























Overall it was a pretty sweet Easter weekend. Happy Easter. He is risen today and every day!