Try as I might, I can never quite capture the magic of April Fool’s Day 2008. That’s an old post, but really it was one of my favorites. I’m quite certain that Hanan has still not forgiven me for creating the meatloaf cupcake. The best dinner ever quickly turned nightmarish for her. You would think they would learn to be very wary of their mother on this day of the year.

This year, I picked them up from school. Pretended to play with my phone but was actually trying to record the conversation. I messed up and ended the recording just before I said, “April Fool’s!” Lucky for me the temper flares quickly faded into giggles that I pulled one over on them. To set the scene… I told them that the Disney Radio Award shows had been moved to Aulani. It’s the Disney resort on our island. There was a casting call for kids to be in the audience. Hopefully I’ll get the video in here.


It was still not 2008 but I’ll take it. Yes, I’m that mean.