As I’m thick in the throes of yet another Monday, I thought I would write down a few of the things that happened to us last week.

The tsumani sirens went off. It was only a test and not really anything knew. In fact, I’m pretty grateful that it’s not like Memphis with sirens going off weekly. The state of the world is on everyone’s mind because even I stopped to think about what it must have been like to hear those siren go off in 1941. Apparently I’m not the only one. Of of the kids from Arleigh’s class started melting down yelling that the Koreans are here! Arleigh tried to calm him down but it took Willis saying, “Brah! It’s just the tsunami sirens. We hear them all the time.” Pretty fun to hear my kids tell it. Also something I never thought I would hear them say… “It’s just tsunami sirens.”

Jack won and award at school. Apparently everyone else was melting down at the May Day practice. Jack put on quite a show singing We Are Family. It didn’t take him long to learn the words or the motions. In other news, we’ve heard “We Are FAMMM MMMMILLLLY!” about a trillion times this weekend. I guess those are literally the only words in the song.

Ray and I got to run the Ford Island Bridge Run. It was a 10K. I had to stop a couple of times. My calf is still bugging me a bit. We finished!

That was a happy moment until I realized I needed to walk another mile home.

The washer broke… between bootcamp and a 10K! (I seriously have a love hate relationship with that thing.) Ray fixed it. You know how? He turned it on. I couldn’t get it to come on, he turns the knob and it works. At least all those sweaty clothes got clean.

It’s the last four weeks of boot camp. I haven’t died. Yeah me! I can’t believe I signed up to do it again.

That’s about it. I need to help prime a bed Ray and Hanan are building, turn in forms at the school, check on some things in Kentucky, make sure I have food for dinner and climb down Mount Washmore before Ray comes home. Did I mention Arleigh is home sick? I think I need a nap.