When I was little I thought military kids were known as brats and had the luckiest lives around. They got to pack up and move and see the world. Their parents seemed to give them more freedom. Of course, my reference point was movies…like Iron Eagle.

Tell me you don’t want to watch Louis Gosset Jr. in that movie again right now! You know you do. I also just dated myself….

Anyway, now that I am the parent to four military children I understand how hard it can be. This is the month of the military child. Today all four wore their purple shirts to school to celebrate.

We were rushing as usual and they weren’t exactly happy about stopping for a picture, but I’m the mom and I wanted to record it for posterity the blog.

My kids have been through a war deployment, missing their Daddy far too often and realizing he doesn’t always belong to only us. We pack our bags and we move. We make new friends and have old friends quite literally all over the world. I am ever so thankful for FaceTime and Skype.  Sometimes it’s hard. Other times it’s harder but our perspective shows us the good in all of it.

This image that I can’t give credit too because it’s unknown starts to sum up the lives my children have because of our choice to be a military family.

If you are close to a military child, make sure you hug them today!