Today I woke up to the onslaught of news. It’s overwhelming what I miss in the six hour sleep difference. Our moods were a bit sour getting ready. Everyone was a little more snippy. I’m ready for summer break! I wrote down all the days Jack will miss school next week for his eye surgery. I wondered if I should confront his teacher yet again. (She was late yet again therefore no time for confrontation.) And then I heard Jack say, “Look Mama. A Rainbow!”

As we walked to his classroom, he noticed it before I did. His sisters had run ahead to find their friends. No one told him. He looked up. He recognized it and he communicated it. For most kids that have been home for 18 months, this is no big deal. For Jack, it’s HUGE. It truly made my Aloha Friday. Rainbows are always a reminder from God. I really needed this one this morning.