Jack is a hard nut to crack. Recently I feel like I’m going head to head with his teacher. There are only a few more weeks of school. It’s hard to decide if the juice is worth the squeeze if you know what I mean. Yep, heard someone else say that the other day and I knew I had to use it. It’s so fitting here. She won’t be his teacher next year. She won’t even be at this school. How hard to a push back? It’s hard to know. She recently told me that Jack needs to see a psychologist, you know in her professional opinion. I was wondering how a psychologist could learn anything from Jack considering any question is answered with “yes” because he thinks that’s what you want to hear. After talking with another mom I will ask his pediatric growth specialist when we go back if he thinks it should be a consideration. Why does it sound so wrong in my head though?

Jack is progressing at school. His fine motor skills are better almost daily. His speech isn’t where we want it but he’s recently started calling me out. If he doesn’t have my full attention I hear, “Mama, look at me!” The other day he was “reading” a book. He started asking me questions. I had no clue what he wanted to know. I heard, “Mama, just answer the question.” He’s addressing people a little more regularly including kids in his class. This is big news for us and he usually only addresses adults and maybe his siblings. He’s got letters, colors and numbers down. I think we’re ready to tackle kindergarten next year. He won’t be completely mainstreamed yet, but we are working toward that goal.

We had all the pre-op appointments yesterday. Jack was once again a total Rock Star. I know he was nervous. He managed to even communicate a bit with his eye doctor making the measuring process 1000 times easier. Jack’s eyes have progressively gotten worse in our time here. With each appointment his measurements are off even more. We know it’s time for the surgery. We know it will help him and yet… it’s scary business. This final appointment was for measurements and decisions. The decision was muscles in both eyes will be tightened on Thursday. This will most assuredly help but it may not be the final surgery. We’re prayerfully hoping it’s one and done.

After Jack’s eye appointment we snuck in some Korean BBQ. It’s the only meat other than a chicken nugget that I know he will eat heartily. Plus, there’s white rice. What more could a guy ask for? I’ll admit it. Yummy’s is a treat for both of us. I knew I would need it for his next appointment.

Jack passed his physical for surgery with flying colors. He was awesome. The medical assistants know Jack. I imagine that they cringe when they see his name. His first trip to the clinic, we could barely get him weighed and measured correctly much less get a blood pressure. He was screaming his fool head off from the moment I took him out of his stroller. Yesterday he walked in like he owned the place. He hopped on the scale, held still to get his height and held his arm out for a blood pressure cuff. Our MA was thrilled. He knew Jack loves Cars so he brought in Lightening McQueen and ‘Mater stickers. Jack was thrilled. Brian Domingos has made a friend for life! Jack was so excited for his stickers I think he guaranteed himself more on every trip into the clinic. Overall it was a good visit. Jack is a healthy little boy.

We’re pressing forward with surgery on Thursday. We’re nervous but also ready for the surgery and recovery to be over with. No pool or beach this weekend makes us all a little bit sad. Hopefully we’ll find something else fun to do. Prayers are appreciated that this week and recovery go by smoothly.