Thank you so much for the prayers. They were answered and we felt completely covered yesterday. God is good. Jack did great. I liked his doctor before. I could hug his neck now.

We were the second surgery. It wasn’t what we originally wanted but to move things up we took it. That meant getting to the hospital at 8 and Jack not eating or drinking. That was probably one of the hardest parts. I told him what was going on. Sometimes I think he understands more than I realize. Bless his heart, he asked for his Cheerios but I said we had to see the doctor first. He never asked again. Obviously once we were at the hospital he was too nervous to say much of anything. It was nothing like his MRI though. He let me put on his hospital pajamas, happy to keep his Jake underwear. He was not a fan of the cap so we saved that for last. I got to go back with him so he thought my getup was pretty funny. Note to self… I’m in Hawii, pants and shorts are ALWAYS more appropriate. I had on a maxi skirt and had to put a jumpsuit (pants) on over it. Awkward! Almost as awkward as putting shoe covers on my slippers. Those would be flip flops for you nonHawaiians. Anyway, I provided some free entertainment for the boy when he was his most nervous.

Jack walked to the OR. I had to put the mask on to go in the room. Jack wasn’t a huge fan of my face being covered. I asked if he wanted to jump up on the bed. I got a resounding “NO!” I’m almost glad he had the gumption to fight a bit. I told him he needed to so the doctor could look at his eyes. I got him to lay down. There were heating pads that he didn’t like. Then came the gas mask. Again, not a fan. He fought it. I was trying to reassure him. He even held his breath for awhile. Then he was asleep and they asked me to leave. Right outside the door they stripped me of my cute new hat, jumpsuit and shoe covers and sent me on my way.

They took Jack back almost a half hour early. They started early. The surgery last about an hour and then Dr. Young appeared. We were expecting almost two hours so it was fast. He explained everything and said it went really well and he would be seeing Jack today to check up on things. The next thing we knew they were calling us back. They only let one parent at a time. Ray let me go. Jack was up refusing to eat his popsicle that he asked for. He saw me and promptly downed the popsicle, three graham crackers and two boxes of juice. One nurse was a little horrified. Honestly, I was a little nervous it would come back up. The next thing I knew they said to get his clothes, he can go. We were out of there!

Since it was just me back there with him, I wasn’t thinking. I scooped the boy up and ran out of there. I realized halfway to the car that I didn’t have medicine. Jack and I sat down to watch some Octonauts while Ray got the cream that goes in his eyes and some ibuprofen for his pain. Then we were home and Jack was eating everything in sight.

Jack has to wear some arm sleeves that keep him from bending his arms. It’s a little aggravating for him but he handles it. It would drive me nuts. They are at our discretion but the first few days it’s critical that he doesn’t touch or rub his eyes. He does it as a reaction, not even thinking of it so I’m grateful for the sleeves. He’s watched lots of Mater’s Tall Tales. We go back for Dr. Young to check him out this morning. His eyes are red and you can see the stitches. Kind of hurts to look at him. Our fingers are still crossed and we’re still praying hard that this will be the only time he has to endure this.

Thanks again for all the thoughts, prayers, texts, messages. It was so nice to get the phone calls and read each one while we were in the waiting room yesterday. We feel loved.