Dr. Young had us back this morning just to make sure everything looked okay. Since leaving his office, I find myself saying, “The surgery was a success. The surgery was a success. Repeat after me, the surgery was a success.” I need to remember to be very, very thankful that his eyes will EVENTUALLY heal. His eyes are going to be okay. His stitches, however, are loose. That is not such good news.

Jack has been really fabulous about not rubbing his eyes and yet, the outside stitches on both eyes are coming loose. They are still there holding things together, just not as well as we’d like. What does this mean? We hoped to hear Jack could lose the restraints for all but bedtime. He can’t. He’ll need to be in his arm restraints as much as possible until we see the Doc again on Tuesday morning. No fun for Mr. Jack. We have to watch and make sure he isn’t rubbing his eyes EVER. We have to do everything we can to prevent infection. I have to be diligent about putting cream in his eyes four times a day and I have a new prescription to help with that. Our biggest concern is infection. Our second biggest concern is that his eyes heal correctly.

Repeat after me… the surgery is a success and I need to be thankful. I’m off to sanitize as many surfaces as I can and then do it again. I’ll try to update you on Tuesday. Wish me luck… and prayer. Prayers are awesome!