I’m starting to feel like Jack’s eyes have taken over… this blog, our calendars, every day activities. I know it’s a short season and it will pass, but man no water is hard when you have a boy living on an island with a pool across the street. Bathing is a nightmare. Cream in his eyes four times a day and patching for six hours a day is taking it’s toll on both of us. I was hoping for some spectacular news… 

We did get some news. His eyes are healing, just ever so slowly… ever so freaking slowly. Jack is still at risk for infection. I’m trying to remember that we have skated through a major surgery with no infection…a huge blessing… instead of focusing on how SLOW the recovery is. I’m was praying about it this morning and realized his surgery moving up was a HUGE blessing. If we had to deal with no water through summer break I’m quite certain I would LOSE MY MIND. I’m trying to be thankful for the little things…clearly trying is the operative word these days. Actually I know we are extremely blessed that Jack’s surgery went as well as it did with no true set backs. 

Jack’s eyes were stronger this week. Patching has helped and our cool new patches finally arrived via amazon…

We have a whole host of boy patches to choose from that won’t curl around the ends. Even better…Dr. Young released us to two hours a day! That means no patch at school. The six hours were killing Jack. He doesn’t fuss about the patch or try to pull it off, but he is grumpier. His teacher can’t really decipher his communication style yet. She told me the other day he wanted his eye cream. I had no idea why he would say that, we call it medicine. In his grumpy moments, Jack has started yelling “I want ice cream!” If you saw Jack rolling around in the street of China screaming his full head off because I tried to give him a bit of my ice cream cone you would understand how funny we find this. He has become his father’s son asking for ice cream multiple times daily and not just when he’s mad. Anyway at two hours, we can easily do that at home and hope our boy is a happy camper at school.

Jack’s right eye is still turning in. It’s not bad. The patch has really helped speed up the healing process in that eye. His left eye is still rolling up. The patch is helping strengthen that eye. It was hard to know which eye to patch now. They both need a little help. The doctor finally decided to continue only with the right eye for now. We’ll just be back and forth to his office a little more in the coming months to make sure we’re getting it right. It’s all good. The valet staff totally knows us now and our schedule. I think I’m the crazy haole that tips. 

Even though we are under strict no water orders, I’m a little bit stir crazy and all the kids are too…even the four legged one. Last night, I grabbed Ray from his office, we picked up some dinner and had a picnic at Dog Beach. No water or sand reached eyes. We were careful and I was able to recharge a little aloha for my Mama heart. 

We have recitals this weekend but I see Bellows in our near future!