On Saturday Ray and I celebrated our 18th anniversary. We counted. I think it’s been 10 houses, four kids, 2 deployments and an untold count of anniversaries with Ray away from home or in the middle of moves or who knows what. Saturday was pretty special. He was home. Everyone was in one spot and we racked our brains for a great way to celebrate. 

We chose parasailing. Having a groupon helped. As a side note for anyone who plans to visit us here on the island, sign up for Groupons for Honolulu now. Put the app on your phone and go nuts. Never pay full price for the tourist attractions. It was pouring but we jumped in the Jeep, left the kiddos at home and headed for the beach. 



Here we are ready to be hurled into the ocean… Not really. It was a pretty gentle lift. We went up, stayed there for around ten minutes and came down. My toes didn’t even touch the water. 










Looking up was pretty wicked. Of course Ray had to point out how much trouble we would be in if the cables snapped dropping one of us. 

IMG_4408It was incredibly peaceful in the air. I really enjoyed it but was also very aware that my big old butt was in a sling and it wouldn’t be all that comfortable for long. 

That’s the boat way down there… we were pretty high.

IMG_4400It wasn’t a huge boat but it was much bigger than it looks here. 

The locals were funny. It was storming and the swells were good. I had as much fun jumping the waves to get to open water. They would clearly rather be surfing. Waves aren’t always that high on that side of the island. We had our share of Japanese tourist. They were hilarious in spite of the fact that they knew not one word of English. They were clearly having a good time. Another Canadian couple also went along. They were on island for a wedding that didn’t happen. The bride and groom decided to call off the wedding and the couple didn’t have travel insurance. They got a pretty sweet vacation out of the deal. She was really hung over. One of the Japanese tourists was clearly sea sick. We were pretty stoked to hit land without having to watch anyone puke. 

IMG_0317We’re pretty much ready to go back anytime!

The best anniversary present was given to us by our kids. We weren’t gone that long. The house was cleaned. Arleigh made cookies from scratch. Decorations were everywhere and they were jumping out of the closet yelling “Surprise!” I have to say I have some pretty awesome kids. I think I might need to leave Arleigh in charge more often.

Happy Anniversary Ray. It’s one wild ride after another and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Love you!