You wouldn’t think that me actually washing the car would be a big deal or news of any sort. Apparently it is. Today squished between Arleigh’s completion ceremony, errands and pick up I washed the car and wait for it… I vacuumed it out. Seriously. Call. The. Press. At least according to Ray it should be newsworthy. 

I wanted to share some of my thoughts as I drug a shop vac all over the driveway. My first thought was, “Blessed are my children for they have finally learned to clean out their cup holders.” This is the first time I have ever gone out to clean out the car and there was nothing in the cup holder. Yep. That’s us. Clearly the cleaning wasn’t  learned from their mother because mine is still a trash bin of yumminess.

Then I wondered if I could actually suck enough sand up to build a Hawaiian beach in Golo. I’m thinking probably but I don’t think Mr. Dyson himself could get all the sand out of the Mom-Mobile. It’s sugary, sticks to everything and clings to more sand. It is the sand that I love to walk through and lay in but hate to bring home and we always do.

Other thoughts…

  • What could a person do with all this blue glued macaroni…and someone should invent better glue because the stuff surely didn’t stick to whatever it was supposed to. Look at that, it’s sticking to the floor of the van. 
  • Under one seat was… one track picture, one Hunger Games key chain, three hair ties, 10 pieces of popcorn, 2 pencils, a quarter, a dime, my water bottle, a turtle art project, a pencil grip, a bungee cord (yes a bungee cord) and more macaroni. Um. At least it wasn’t in the cup holder? 
  • That’s alot of chicken poop… (I parked under the Chicken tree today. Yes, they can get that high. Thankfully the sunroof was closed.) 
  • Where did the popcorn come from? (Hours later I’ll remember that someone gave Bria a GIANT bag of the stuff for a classroom birthday party.) 
  • So this is where the rubberbands live. 
  • I can’t believe I haven’t seen one roach. Our neighbors swear there are roaches in their cars. They could have lived for months on the popcorn. 
  • No wonder I’ve been fighting a skin fungus since we’ve been here. I should be thankful it’s the I live in a tropical climate fungus and not the flesh eating kind of fungus. Seriously, more popcorn?

So now that there is a small beach lodged in Ray’s back pack, I’ve successfully removed any cockroach feeding source and I’m dirty and filthy… I’ll leave you to enjoy the breaking news. I washed the car…and vacuumed!