I guess I let the cat out of the bag there. We’ve been waiting on pins and needles for the day that Jack could hit the beach and jump in the pool. Of course, we want his eyes to be better. Honestly, I’m not really sure if Jack noticed not hitting the beach. He surely noticed the days he wasn’t allowed to attend water play at school. Clearly his sisters and I have missed our Sunday afternoons in the pool and our whole family has missed finding our aloha at Bellows. We are all craving water and sand. 



His eyes look so much better! Today his doctor was excited. “No more medicine!” We’re good with that. Ecstatic in fact. I know Jack is happy to hear his Mama won’t be squirting copious amount of cream in his eyes at night. Then we heard the outside wounds are completely sealed. Hallelujah! I’m smiley smiley happy happy. I wait for all of half a second before I ask, “What about the water?” Jack is clear! He can jump in the pool. He can hit the beach. We can cut his hair and use shampoo! Oh my goodness! It was a good day and I almost missed it.

We scheduled his appointment on an odd day at an odd time. I called to verify the appointment this morning thinking it was really tomorrow. I was dressed and ready for bootcamp. I heard, “You are supposed to be here at 9. Do you think you’ll make it?” We did. Good thing too. Dr. Young will be out of the office for the rest of the week. Big blessing we made it! 

Dr. Young was almost as excited as we were. He says the alignment is great. We still need to patch. He is still using his eyes to check out a bit. He says it’s normal when Jack is mad to try to force his eye back up. We saw it a bit this morning. Hopefully he’ll learn better ways to deal with situations. Other than that his eyes look great. No glasses. We’ll go back in a month.

Thanks for your prayers. They were clearly answered. Now we’re off to find some large body of water to hurdle ourselves into.